God Works in the Background

One of the things that comes with the territory of outdoor churches is background noise. It sometimes feels like we can’t go more than 10 minutes in a service without some sort of siren zipping by, motorcycle revving, or other miscellaneous raucous. To be frank, it can be irritating. The pause of a service and the waiting for a siren to fade can often feel like an eternity. I’ve been an intern with Cathedral for several years and tonight was the first night that I recognized that this sound was something sacred. Today an ambulance drove by and I watched a woman in our community cross herself and whisper a short but sincere prayer for whoever was on the receiving end of that ambulance. For once, the noise didn’t seem as irritating as it usually is; it felt holy. It felt like a reminder that our spiritual lives don’t have the luxury of existing outside of our daily “real-world” lives. We live and walk with Jesus while also listening to the noise, dealing with the stress, and being immersed in the constant background cacophony of Life. God interacts with us in a variety of ways – God is present in the bread and the wine of communion, but God is also present in the heart of the EMT who is in that ambulance on their way to serve someone in the best way they know how.


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